What Is API Testing And Its Advantages?

Application Programming Interface, or API, is a shorthand for that. The intermediary layer between the presentation (UI) and the database layer in the development of software applications (apps) is the API. APIs allow data and communication to flow across software systems. API testing is a kind of software testing that examines the APIs’ functionality, dependability, […]

Application Performance

Why Do You Need An Application Performance Monitoring Tool?

Application environments are complicated. This involves mobile app development platforms, virtualized servers, the Internet of Things (IoT), hybrid clouds and more. Such a high degree of complexity makes Application Performance Monitoring (APM) a significant challenge for IT teams. Furthermore, it can appear impossible to pinpoint the root or likely reason of a sluggish, underperforming application […]


All about Spectrum deals

Nowadays the only and best source of entertainment for most people is television as they are considered to be the most reliable source of entertainment. Right now we are having smart TV which is not only known for telecasting shows but also with them we will be able to watch various streaming videos and other […]