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Looking For Influencer Marketing Agencies In India? Here Are The Top 5 In The Business

The top influencer marketing trends for this year are listed below, along with some of the best influencer marketing companies in India that can keep you one step ahead of the competition.


In order to make the most of their resources and improve their visibility, many companies are making significant investments in influencer marketing. The idea of influencer marketing first appears in the social media platforms or channels that consumers who eschew traditional marketing want to use.

Because influencers are real individuals, many consumers trust them and follow them. They are able to gather a sizable following on social media thanks to their own specialisation and similar interests.

Many influencer trends have developed as a result of marketers’ need to remain current and broaden their reach. These “trends” simply allow the influencer a chance to experiment, which increases the number of people who see their work through the predetermined process.

Then what are these trends exactly? And how can an Indian influencer marketing agency assist an influencer in leveraging it? For more information, keep reading.

Top Influencer Trends That Should Be On Your Radar


The majority of social media platforms prioritise the creator while advancing diversity and openness.

The influencer trends that are now getting attention are as follows:

  1. Nano And Micro-Influencers On The Rise

Because marketers can only communicate with a very small number of nano and micro-influencers, their product recommendations look to come from a friend or other reliable source.

Despite having smaller audiences, nano and micro-influencers are active on social media and have up to 100K followers. The influencer and business are assisted by an influencer marketing agency India in identifying the niche.

Because of their high rates of contact and thriving communities, nano and micro-influencers are anticipated to continue to prosper.

  1. Creator-Focused Marketplaces

Making the relationship between the brand and the influencer seamless is the goal. Users will be able to tell if a post is sponsored, and resources will be available for brands and influencers to evaluate the success of their partnership. An influencer marketing agency can assist in this situation by educating the influencer on how to produce both high-quality and copious amounts of material.


  1. From Influencer To Business Owner

There has been an increase in influencers who have become businesses during the past two years. While building a brand from the beginning teaches one many invaluable lessons and can be a full-time job in itself, it also has the potential to be quite lucrative.

A brand can benefit from collaborating with an influencer and their brand to promote its own items with the aid of an influencer marketing agency. The agency’s plan is the ideal road map to get there.


  1. Authentic Content For Authentic Engagement

Authenticity is one of the best ways to build a digital community on social media, and it’s also a major influencer marketing trend. Instead of the immaculately kept feed aesthetic, creators are choosing to upload less-filtered and more in-the-moment photos of their life.

Influencers that are skilled at creating sponsored content and non-advertising ads are partnered with by influencer marketing agencies.

In other words, don’t worry too much about locating influencers who have the “perfect” appearance. Instead, pay attention to the performers who establish sincere bonds with their followers and deliver insightful, unique content.

  1. Video Content Is The Main Character

The content that has been produced has significantly changed ever since Instagram introduced the “reels” feature in 2020. It’s safe to state that static material is no longer favoured over audio-visual content today.

You can concentrate on your area of expertise and create relevant video content for Instagram Stories and Reels with the aid of an influencer marketing agency. It is a fantastic way to engage your audience more deeply while also offering a lot of value.

Top 5 Influencer Marketing Agencies In India

According to research by digital marketing specialist Sorav Jain, some of the top influencer marketing agencies in India are:

  1. OPA

The cheapest rates and the largest influencer network of 50,000 people are offered by this new firm. On influencer marketing, it has collaborated with companies like Lakme, Kama Ayurveda, Maico, and Godrej. Brands utilise OPA due to their low cost and fixed pricing, consistent work, and scalability in barter exchanges.

Influencers produce content in accordance with instructions and are paid upfront. OPA works with a number of social networking sites, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Tens of thousands of macro and micro-influencers are known to exist there.

They are almost always the driving force behind every social media campaign, and with the help of influencers, they might establish a unique identity among viewers. Influencers can effectively market things on a large scale because of their large fan bases.


It is one of the most well-known influencer marketing agencies in India. They want to connect marketers with top influencers across a range of industries.

This site has a wide network of influencers. Their objectives are to analyse performance and boost engagement. Influencer marketing has grown tremendously in India and is continually expanding. Depending on your needs, may help you find the best influencer networks for your brands.

In the travel, gaming, food, and car industries, they have top influencers. They work with influencers with experience in the celebrity or fitness industries.

They work with influencers to produce real, organic content for the campaigns. They are in charge of making sure that campaigns get the desired results and that the objectives of the client are satisfied. This platform guarantees that your campaign is done correctly, from working with the top influencers to creating great content.

  1. Plixxo

It is one of India’s most effective influencer marketing platforms, with over 26,000 influencers. Priyanka Gill, the founder of POPxo, established it and it deals with influential people and renowned bloggers.

Top influencers and digital media can collaborate on this excellent platform to produce high-quality content.

It is an easy-to-use platform that invites bloggers, YouTube influencers, and influencers of various statures to join and promote the brand’s products and services. It works to implement influencer marketing and makes sure that consistently positive results are delivered.


  1. Winkl

One of the most well-known influencer marketing firms, it offers a variety of influencers and categories to work with. It facilitates the influencer marketing process and helps people grasp the goals of the company. They automate procedures, monetise content, and curate influencers. It saves time and aids in producing high-quality material.

Additionally, it offers resources for measuring and analysing the impact of influencer marketing on various social media platforms. In addition, it offers information on engagement rates and reaches per post and forecasts both.

  1. Upfluence

It is one of the most well-known influencer marketing networks in India. It asserts to work with a sizable clientele, which includes Microsoft, Paypal, and AXA. It gives comprehensive details on the influencer the brand is hoping to collaborate with. Small and medium-sized firms will have no trouble selecting the right influencers and making sales of their goods.

The two products that have been released by this platform are Façade and Publisher. The first is a search engine for social media, while the second is a mechanism for controlling connections with influencers.

It makes it easier to get in touch with and follow influencers. Additionally, it ensures that ongoing campaigns are monitored. Increased engagement is the outcome of viewers being able to track and communicate with influencers in a more personal setting. It has great influencer marketing capabilities at a low cost, as well as a lot of influencers.


You can always keep an eye out for what your favourite influencers are up to now that you’re aware of the trends and how influencer marketing companies can harness them.

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