SEO: Backlinks as Assets

Backlinks are one of the important Off-page SEO components and Search Engines consider backlinks as the one of the top three important factors. There are several Off-page and On-page SEO factors that determine ranking of the page on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). You can’t rank competitive keywords on Google without quality Backlinks. This is the reason that the Backlinks are considered as Assets. Even top SEO Experts admitted that they have ranked less competitive keywords on Google without backlinks but have not been able to do it for competitive keywords.

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Why do we consider Backlinks as Assets? 

In organizations, there are two types of assets: Tangible and Intangible. The Tangible Assets consist of machineries, buildings, computers and such physical items whereas Intangible Assets are brand names, logo, website and more.

A Digital Marketer considers High Authority Backlinks as valuable intangible assets because these links drive quality traffic to a website which in turn helps to increase revenue and sales for long term.  In this article, let us explore the reasons why a Backlink is considered an Asset.

  1. Improves your Rank on SERPs

There are many ways to improve your rankings in Google search results. One of them is to build quality backlinks. Google will use backlinks to discover new sites that have quality content. If your website has a lot of valuable links from authority sites then Google algorithm thinks that you have valuable content on that page. So, the top websites that your website is getting backlinks from introduce your website to their audience and eventually, boosts your page rank on Google SERPs.

  1. Increases your Website’s Credibility

Backlinks are a very powerful and effective way to gain credibility for your business. It is a way to link back to your site from another site. It is similar to a citation, by linking back to your site, it tells Google, Yahoo, etc., that your site is credible and established.

The more backlinks you have, the better it is. Third party sites link to you because you have credible content and they want their users to know about your content.

  1. Increases your Brand Value

If your brand gets high authority links from hundreds of different domains, it improves your brand visibility across different domains. People see your brand mentions and backlinks on different sites and this will help your brand to reach a wide audience.

  1. Improves your Revenue & Sales 

High quality Backlinks drive targeted referral traffic to your website which means you will get lots of customers from this traffic. This apart, Backlinks improve your target keywords’ ranking on search engines such as Google.

The search engine traffic also improves revenue and sales. Return on Investment (ROI) is high through Search Engine rankings compared to Paid Advertising.

  1. Increases your Web Traffic

Link Building is the primary tool for increasing web traffic. When you have enough backlinks to your site, you will see a noticeable increase in visitors to your site. The more backlinks you have, the more traffic you will receive.

Those backlinks send you the quality visitors to your website. You can easily convert that traffic into customers with a simple effect.

  1. Improves Relationship

Link Building helps you to build relationships with influencers on your niche or your industry experts.  And, each influencer has a good number of audience on their website and social media.

If you have a better relationship with your industry influencer, then they will help you to reach your brand to their audience.

  1. Converts Better

The more links you get, the better your site performs in search engines. Why? Because backlinks are an indicator that your site is valuable, and that you are an expert in your niche. If you can get other people to link to your site, all the better.

People mostly click the links from the organic results because they think that search engines list these websites on top because they have quality content and that they are a credible product or service provider.  This is the reason that the search engine ranking converts more than paid ads.

  1. Improves SEO Metrics

Link Building improves your website’s SEO metrics. If you get hundreds of quality backlinks from different domains, it will improve your Domain Authority (DA), Domain Rating (DR) and Page Rank (PR).

  1. Gives Long Term Value

There are two perspectives on the Backlinks. Some SEO Professionals understand that Link Building is a short-term process which has no direct impact on SEO. But, there are many SEO Consultants who vehemently believe and propose that the process of Link Building has long-term benefits and helps get higher rankings in SERPs and generate a lot of web traffic. For a sustained better SERP Rankings, you have to keep building more relevant links with quality websites.

  1. Reduces Bounce Rate

A bounce is a single page view on your website that leads to no further activity. It is a visit that lasts less than ten seconds, and the user never returns. Someone visiting your website by using one of your backlinks is still considered a targeted visitor irrespective of the time he stays on your website.

Visitors backlinking to your website from your niche category third party websites have low bounce rate because of the topical relevance and that he values and appreciates your content. Click here

  1. Increases Page Authority

Backlink helps your brand authority or trustworthiness because when someone visits your site from one of your backlink they think of you as an authority in your niche or industry.

You can use brand authority to build your audience and get long term value from them easily by making them as an email newsletter subscriber and also track them on Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.


When you start your website or blog, your primary goal should be to build a quality backlink profile for your website. A digital marketer considers Backlinks as an asset because they drive quality traffic and helps you to achieve overall SEO objectives.

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