The Biggest Domain Offer! Get a. Com domain @ Rs.99*

Having an effective online presence nowadays has become an extreme necessity to stand tall in the competitive pace, despite you own a business or have an idea to get started shortly.

The first step that customers likely do when searching out any products online is a web search. The best of all is when your website is easy to find and accessible, there begin the highest possibilities of taking your business online at the top level.

What makes it super easy for the customers to find you on the web? It is all the power of a domain!

A domain name is basically the unique address of your website. It is memorable, and exclusive to you. When you register for a domain, you own it solely, which means you can create and host your website and ultimately promote your business.

There are hundreds of domain extensions available today like .com, .net, .org, .biz, etc. Among the hundreds of top-level domains (TLDs), a .com is recognized as the best TLD in the domain name system of the internet.

The .COM Domain:

The .com domain, introduced in the year 1985, is one of the oldest and top-level domains that stands for ‘commercial’. A .com domain is globally recognized and is one of the most popular domainsused by organizations around the world.

Most of the users who aren’t from a technical background will always type “.com” at the end of every website without giving another thought, as it is the most popular and familiar than other TLDs.

There are numerous domain names out there, but the king .com is ranked as one of the most popular domains. It solicits trust and maximizes direct traffic to your website.

So, if you are in search of the right domain for your business, then a .com would be the wise choice to make. It’s always smart to stick with .com.

A Glance at MilesWeb:

MilesWeb, a leading company in the web hosting industry is helping customers build their online presence since 2012. MilesWeb is keen on offering industry-leading web hosting services with award-winning customer support across the globe. Milesweb provide best shared hosting India service.

With the best-in-class web hosting solutions, MilesWeb is one of the trusted and top-leading domain name registrars in the web hosting industry.

Well, you have landed in a perfect place if you want to get the best top-level domain at the rock bottom price. MilesWeb has come up with the biggest .com domain offer for all its customers.

The Biggest Domain Offer by MilesWeb:

MilesWeb is offering the biggest sale on “World’s no.1 domain”, COM. 99NotOut offer! You can register a .com domain with MilesWeb at just Rs. 99*/yr.

Usually, a domain extension like .com costs higher rates, but MilesWeb is offering a super-amazing discount on the .com domain registrations for a limited period.

MilesWeb is among the very few registrars in the world offering this mega grand sale on the .com domain at Rs.99*.

Stay one step ahead of the game and take advantage of these most exclusive deals on .com registrations with MilesWeb, because it’s the best time to get your business online.

MilesWeb has well-suited plans for all types of business. Also, you can get a free domain on the purchase with the Swift and Turbo web hosting plans with MilesWeb.

While it may sound like a restriction, it’s a bonus because you get one of the best domain extensions for free! The 99NotOut offer is applicable when the domain is purchased for two or three years.

Here is an insight of the rock bottom prices that you get with MilesWeb for settling your online presence.

MilesWeb offers .com domain registration for 1 Year, 2 Years, and 3 Years

Highlights of the Top-Level .COM Domain Offer Price:

  • Register for 1 the year at the price of Rs. 850/.
  • Register for 2 years at Rs. 1199. Get 1 year subscription at Rs.99* & 2year subscriptionfor Rs.1100.
  • Register for 3 years at Rs. Rs.1999. Get 1 year subscription at Rs.99*, 2nd & 3rd year subscription at Rs.950.


The features you get with MilesWeb:

  • Fast registrations:

Choose your domain registration period and get your best top-level domain registered fast with MilesWeb.

  • Fast renewals:

You can get the benefit of registering and renewing the domain very fast at the same price.

  • Domain manager:

You can manage all your domain names, renewals, billing, and services in one place. MilesWeb offers this feature with every domain.

What are the benefits you can get with a .com top-level domain?

On an off chance you want to explore beyond, let’s talk about what they are:

  • Get easily remembered: 

A short and easy domain name can attract a lot of visitors to your website. A website that ends with a .com is easy to recall and is memorable to the visitors.

  • Globally recognized:

With a .com domain name, your business can be recognized and trusted in the global market.

  • Improves SEO rankings: 

That said, the top-level domain plays a crucial role in boosting the SEO rankings of a websiteA TLD like .com helps to increase the traffic on the website at an incredible level and lets to stay you on the top of search results.

  • Well-known and sounds more trustworthy:

The users from non-technical background would not prefer any other alternative to .com since that’s the TLD they trust and know the most.

  • Build your online presence:

A good domain name should apprise your audience about your business. This contributes to building your business identity and helps you stay ahead of the competition.

Final Words:

A .com domain plays a vital role in getting your business online. The only thing you need to host your website is a great domain! MilesWeb, the top web hosting providerand the domain registrar is offering the “Biggest Sale” on the .com domain like never before. Register your .com domain with MilesWeb and get your business online with the world’s no. 1 domain.

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