Triangle: A Never-Ending Death Cycle

Triangle is a psychological suspense film released in 2009, co-produced by the United Kingdom and Australia, directed by Christopher Smith, and starring Melissa George, Liam Hemsworth, Rachael Carpani, and others. The film tells the story of a single mother Jess and a group of friends who went out to sea on a yacht and encountered a storm. After boarding a passing cruise ship, they found that the mysterious cruise ship that had disappeared in 1930 was empty. The ensuing serial murders made the protagonists fall into the terror of reincarnation. If you are a horror film fan, you cannot miss it. To watch Triangle free online, just click here.

Jess, a waitress and single mother, decides to take a sailboat vacation with friends in the hopes of letting some steam off. But a terrifying storm appears and suddenly a huge wave causes their beautiful yacht to capsize. Jess and the other survivors are now stranded in the midst of the merciless ocean, and they board a strangely deserted cruise ship only to discover that they are stuck inside the ship’s confusing corridors. The idea that they are being pursued by an unknown killer becomes a terrifying reality as Jess encounters more and more unsettling situations. Is there a way to stop the madness?

Regarding the reincarnation on the cruise ship, just remember that there are at least three types of Jess at any time: First, the Jess we boarded with everyone when we watched it for the first time. To distinguish her, we called her Jess-N. Jess-N I just feel that everything on the ship is familiar, but she doesn’t understand why. The second is Jess-(N-1) and this is actually Jess-N who survived until the next group of people boarded the ship. At this time, Jess was very kind, because she had just passed the catastrophe, and what she wants to do was to help the next group of people escape the hunt by the masked man. She still doesn’t understand that the only way to escape the reincarnation was to kill everyone, including herself. The third is Jess-( N-2), that is, the masked Jess. At this time, Jess has understood that the only way to stop the repetition of reincarnation is to kill everyone, including the later self, but the only problem is that she has no way to kill herself, but she is hit by the later self. The story on the cruise is between these at least three Jesses. Other interpretations are too excessive.

After watching the movie, I became very emotional. In fact, Triangle is a sad film wrapped in a thriller. The heroine is caught between the living world and hell because she could not accept the reality of losing her son due to her own fault. If you understand this layer the movie wants to express, you should feel very sad to see Jess’s expressionless face caused by too much pain.

I will give this movie 4 stars because all the actors have done it perfectly. If you want to watch movies free online of the same kind, just visit 4khotvideo.

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